We only target a few select campuses. Do we have to buy ad space in each of the Career Guides?

No! Career Guide advertising is flexible and individualized. If you're launching a national campaign, we can easily and affordably put you into every guide that we publish. But if you're only interested in select campuses, we can handle that as well. We will put together a program that meets your objectives and fits your budget.

Graduate and Professional School Advertising

Career Guide Sponsorship Benefits

With so many students considering graduate study after college, Career Guides are the perfect medium for reaching potential candidates. Whether you're recruiting candidates for an MBA program, law school, medical school, or a Masters or PhD program, Career Guide sponsorship is your key to success!


Career Guides are fully integrated into each school's career planning program, and they are regarded as the "textbook" for the Career Center. Because Career Guides are hand-distributed by Career Center staff, you can be sure that your advertising message will be delivered to your target audience.

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